Thu 22 Dec 2022

getdns-1.7.3 quickfix release



Packaging status

Dear all,

We have a new 1.7.3 quickfix release of getdns. Version 1.7.2. contained a version of Stubby that had a bug preventing it to start on systems using systemd. The version 0.4.3 of Stubby included in this version has this resolved. Compared to version 1.7.0 and Stubby version 0.4.0 this is mostly a bugfix release with most prominently a fix for a crash that occured when looking up and DNSSEC validating certain RR types.

This release has a Stubby version 0.4.3 included.

We wanted to have this out of the way first before adding new stuff (like DoH).

Happy holidays eveyone!

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* 2022-12-22: Version 1.7.3
  * PR #532: Increase CMake required version 3.5 -> 3.20, because we
    need cmake_path for Absolute paths in pkg-config (See Issue #517)
    Thanks Gabriel Ganne
  * Updated to Stubby 0.4.3 quickfix release

* 2022-08-19: Version 1.7.2
  * Stubby updated to 0.4.2 quickfix release

* 2022-08-19: Version 1.7.1
  * Always send the `dot` ALPN when using DoT
  * Strengthen version determination for Libidn2 during cmake processing
    (thanks jpbion).
  * Fix for issue in UDP stream selection in case of timeouts.
    Thanks Shikha Sharma
  * Fix using asterisk in ipstr for any address. Thanks uzlonewolf.
  * Issue stubby#295: rdata not correctly written for validation for
    certain RR type. Also, set default built type to RelWithDebInfo and
    expose CFLAGS via GETDNS_BUILD_CFLAGS define and via
  * Issue #524: Bug fixes from submodules' upstream?
    Thanks Johnnyslee
  * Issue #517: Allow Absolute path CMAKE_INSTALL_{INCLUDE,LIB}DIR in
    pkg-config files. Thanks Alex Shpilkin
  * Issue #512: Update to show correct PGP key location.
    Thanks Katze Prior.
Stubby ChangeLog:
* 2022-12-22: version 0.4.3
  * Fix Issue #330 and PR#324: PrivateUsers=false needed in systemd
    stubby.service file for stubby to start.
    Thanks Archcan and Petr Menšík
  * PR #323: Reduce log messages when interface is offline.
    Thanks Russ Bubley and Andre Heider 

* 2022-08-19: version 0.4.2
  * Fix Issue #320: Stubby doesn't start without "log_level"
    entry. Thanks Johnny S. Lee

* 2022-08-19: Version 0.4.1
  * Several updates to the servers in the config file:
     * sinodun.dnsovertls*.com servers are removed and will be
       decommissioned in the near future. This leaves only the server as the default.
       A recommendation is made that users choose additional servers
       from the list available.
     * Additional Quad9 servers added (thanks pataquets).
     * LDN servers removed as the service is now stopped. 
     * Tidy up of remaining server data.
     * Change `comment` lines on Uncensored server data to more clearly
       be comments (not valid YAML)
     * Fix and improve descriptions of default values
     * DoT servers liston on port 443 now too
  * Fixes for parsing of quoted key values for `tls-ca-file`,
    `tls-curves-list` and `resolvconf`
  * Add Dockerfile into `contrib` - thanks to pataquets.
  * Strengthen version checking for LibIDN2 during the cmake step so
    LibIDN2 version 2.3.3 can be properly found (thanks jpbion).
  * Updated systemd/stubby.service file. Thanks Bruno Pagani
  * log level configurable in config file with log_level setting
    Command line setting (with -v or -l) overrules the config file