Wed 08 Apr 2015  

getdns-0.1.7 release



Packaging status

Dear all,

We have a new release, version 0.1.7 of our getdns API implementation.

This release contains bug fixes. A notable fix is that getdns_address() now schedules AAAA query before the A query. They were and are queried for simultaneously, but before, the request for the A was put on the wire before the request for the AAAA. Now this order is flipped. Besides bug fixes, this release contains the results of a rework shortening the path from wire format to the response dictionary, dramatically decreasing the number of memory allocations and deallocations with each request. The release also has some improvement functions that are not part of the official API (yet), such as:

These new non-API functions are all documented in doxygen style comments in the getdns_extra.h header file. Besides these improvement functions, the release also includes a draft implementation of the section 6 and 7 version of draft-ietf-dnsop-cookies-01.txt. This implementation is compatible with (uses the same opcode as) bind's 9.10's implementation. You need to specify the --enable-draft-edns-cookies option to compile with this feature. Using it involves setting a "edns_cookies" extension.

* 2015-04-08: Version 0.1.7
  * Individual getter functions for context settings
  * Fix: --with-current-date function to make build deterministically
    reproducible (i.e. the GETDNS_COMPILATION_COMMENT define from
    getdns.h contains a date value).  Thanks Ondřej Surý
  * Fix: Include m4 dir in distribution tarball
  * Fix: Link build requirements in tests too.  Thanks Ondřej Surý
  * Fix: Remove executable flags on source files.  Thanks Paul Wouters
  * Fix: Return "just_address_answers" only when queried for addresses
  * Eliminate ldns intermediate wireformat parsing
  * The CSYNC RR type
  * Fix: canonical_name in response dict returns the canonical name
    found after following all CNAMEs
  * Implementation of the section 6 and 7 version of 
    draft-ietf-dnsop-cookies-01.txt for stub resolution.  Enable with the
    --enable-draft-edns-cookies option to configure.  Use it by setting the
    edns_cookies extension to GETDNS_EXTENSION_TRUE.
  * Pretty printing of lists with:
    char *getdns_pretty_print_list(getdns_list *list)
  * Output to json format with:
    char * getdns_print_json_dict(const getdns_dict *some_dict, int pretty);
    char * getdns_print_json_list(const getdns_list *some_list, int pretty);
  * snprintf style versions of the dict, list and json print functions.
  * Better random number generation with OpenBSD's arc4random
  * Let getdns_address schedule the AAAA query first.  This results in AAAA
    being the first in the just_address_answers sections of the response dict.
  * New context update callback function to also return a user given argument
    along with the context and which item was changed.
    Thanks Scott Hollenbeck.
  * Demotivate use of getdns_strerror and expose getdns_get_errorstr_by_id.
    Thanks Scott Hollenbeck.
  * A getter for context update callback, to allow for chaining update