getdns_eventloop_vmt Struct Reference

#include <getdns_extra.h>

Data Fields

getdns_eventloop_noargs cleanup
getdns_eventloop_schedule schedule
getdns_eventloop_clear clear
getdns_eventloop_noargs run
getdns_eventloop_run_once run_once

Detailed Description

The Virtual Method Table providing the interface for this specific event loop extension.

Definition at line 325 of file getdns_extra.h.

Field Documentation

◆ cleanup

getdns_eventloop_noargs getdns_eventloop_vmt::cleanup

Destroy the getdns_eventloop and the associated underlying event loop for which it is an extension.

Definition at line 330 of file getdns_extra.h.

◆ schedule

getdns_eventloop_schedule getdns_eventloop_vmt::schedule

Schedule a getdns_eventloop_event with a getdns_eventloop.

Definition at line 335 of file getdns_extra.h.

◆ clear

getdns_eventloop_clear getdns_eventloop_vmt::clear

Clear a getdns_eventloop_event

Definition at line 340 of file getdns_extra.h.

◆ run

getdns_eventloop_noargs getdns_eventloop_vmt::run

Run the getdns_eventloop until it has no getdns_eventloop_events scheduled.

Definition at line 346 of file getdns_extra.h.

◆ run_once

getdns_eventloop_run_once getdns_eventloop_vmt::run_once

Do a single iteration of firing callbacks for scheduled events and then return.

Definition at line 352 of file getdns_extra.h.

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